This spring Zen Arts traveled to Nashville to aid in the unveiling of a new hotel in the heart of Downtown Nashville. Guests were greeted at the door by our trademark bubble girls who welcomed guests with a soft shower of bubbles. Our dancers prepared a cabaret and hip hop act to present to the guests. The cabaret act featured one of LA’s most prominent burlesque dancers as the lead, with four girls dancing backup with feather fans. The hip hop number incorporated the same cast but with break dancing vignettes by our bboy trio. Earth Wind and Fire followed up our dance acts with their spectacular set. The evening ended with two aerial performances: one a sultry lyra duette and the other an elegant silks routine. Zen Arts was excited to share the opportunity to entertain the luxurious hotel’s guests together with world-renowned band Earth Wind and Fire!

Event Planner: Levine Fox Events

Catering: Wolfgang Puck Chinois

Decor: Revelry Event Designers

Lighting: Images by Lighting