Zen Arts was excited to bring festival culture to the peaks of Aspen for this lavish private event themed Garden of Eden. The private estate nestled in the mountains of Colorado served as a lush playground for the various roaming characters, dancers and specialty acts we had the opportunity to bring. Guests were greeted by fairytale creatures and roaming models dressed to match the lilac and vert color scheme. During dinner guests were able to enjoy burlesque acts, a world-class hand-balancer, roaming stilt walkers and bubble girls. The night started off calm and ambient and at the end of a five-course dinner, we turned a polite evening into a festival dance floor. Our professional dancers who stood stoic at the beginning, now pulled guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor. Mirror man, a dancer costumed in mirror shards worked the party, lights wildly reflecting off the many surfaces of his costume. Once the party started winding down our final burlesque performer took to the stage with a summer-inspired vintage number as a final flourish to an exciting evening.

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