Ever wonder what happens behind closed curtains? What performers’ lives look like offstage and how they prepare to go onstage? Ever wanted to step behind the scenes of a large cirque production or into a world-class dance rehearsal? Zen Arts wants to share the full experience with you! Get an exclusive and exhilaration peek into the secret behind-the-scenes life of performance art!

Zen Arts TV is excited to premiere Episode 1: Dancer Auditions:

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And we have more in store for you! Episode 2: Vintage Circus (Behind the Scenes) just aired:

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Get to know our dancers better: Episode 3: Girls Get Personal:

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Come with us to Hawaii: Episode 4: Dripping In Gold

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And just recently released: Zen Arts TV Episode 5: Winter Wonderland Photoshoot

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Stay tuned for many more exciting episodes and subscribe to our YouTube Channel: