Just last month, Zen Arts invited some of its top performers into the studio to participate in a shoot that would result in an aesthetic, dynamic and to-date representation of Zen Arts and the quality of entertainment it stands behind.

In a semi-narrative format, our ringmaster guides us through carnal topographies and movement extraordinaire. We get to take an intimate glimpse into the fascinating realms of aerial, fire, dance, specialty, character, and burlesque performance.

A look behind the scenes reveals weeks of preparation in coordinating talent, selecting a studio that could host various performance types with very specific parameters, and finding a film crew that specializes in shooting movement of this kind.

Once a date was solidified and we were able to confirm our favorite performers to represent each of our categories, we moved forward in selecting a studio to shoot in. We agreed that we wanted to film the performers in front of a black cyc-wall, in order to focus on movement, instead of being distracted by frivolous background. After reviewing our options, we selected a studio on the outskirts of Los Angeles that had a black cyc available to us, allowed rigging for our various aerial apparatuses, wasn’t afraid to let us use fire indoors and had ample room for ground acts.

Zen Arts worked hand in hand with one of its performers, Tosca Rivola to produce, cast and organize the project. Hiring on Matthew Boman to direct and edit the reel, and Kai Saul as cinematographer assisted by Max Siegel, the team discussed how to best shoot and coordinate for a day of capturing 20+ performers with diverse spatial requirements.

The day of the shoot, we asked performers to show up on call times specific to their discipline. We started the day with our group of aerial acts, moved through fire disciplines, then specialty acts, then character, then dance, and we logically ended the night with burlesque!

A twenty hour day produced footage that we were thrilled to cut together. We selected each performer’s best few seconds to bring you an exhilarating and breath-taking performance art video!

Enjoy with us what the human form is able in achieving!