McLaren opens a brand new showroom in Beverly Hills! Zen Arts worked in collaboration with O’Gara Coach and Letizia Silvestri Events in helping create a lasting impression on guests coming by to see the luxury race car’s new homestead.

Guests were greeted in a shady courtyard that displayed an ensemble of McLarens, all in classic orange and white – doors swung up and open for dramatic effect. In proper color etiquette, guests were served bright orange and white drinks and hors d’oeuvres, experimental in texture and taste!

Zen Arts provided ambient contortionists intermingling in white and orange catsuits between displayed cars. As the sun started to set over the courtyard, guests paused to listen to the CEO’s remarks about McLaren’s new space and shortly following the speech, our contortionists theatrically guided the crowd to the new showroom. They swing open the double doors and….

….there is soft classical piano playing inside, severely juxtaposing with the heavy beats from the courtyard. Guests had arrived at a quiet sanctuary – everything was bright white. The floor, the Steinway grand piano, the tuxedo the pianist was wearing. Standing motionless until all guest had entered is an opera singer and an acrobat with a large steel wheel.

Murmurs quieten, the prelude comes to an end. The opera singer and cyr wheel performer begin. A soft, yet dramatic piece ensues on the round tile stage – a classic opera aria is complemented with a cyr wheel performance in a flowing white skirt.

The audience is still and observant and save their excitement for the end of the show. The electronic music beat comes back on to break the spell and releases guests to explore the new McLaren showroom and enjoy a beautiful night of luxuries.

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