Celebrated makeup brand and designer Kat Von D remembers 10 successful years! Zen Arts provides glossy contortionists dripping in gold to set the atmosphere for the opulent event!

The affair was held at the historic Vibiana Cathedral, a beautiful church-turned-event space on Main Street in Downtown Los Angeles. Midas touched every damn thing at this event – the decor, the guests, the performers, the goody bags, everything in sight was a lustrous gold.

Zen Arts airbrushed our contortionists into perfect 14 karat gold, and accessorized each from head to toe. Oversized hair pieces, handmade butterflies and pearl chains decorated the performers’ heads and bodies. Dramatic makeup, body paint, airbrush and accessories – all cruelty free!

Positioned on round platforms around the event, the contortionists melted and contorted like gold mythical creatures before guests’ eyes. The night featured an incredible mix of solo performances and group choreography.

We had a wonderful time at this event and are still brushing off hints of gold and glitter as we speak!

Photos by Vivien Best / Donna Hood /

Event Producer: Style Firm