Who knew geeks could party like this?…apparently Yelp did.

This past March, Zen Arts performed at one of Yelp’s many exciting parties. This time it was in Los Angeles at J Lounge restaurant and bar.

This year’s theme? Yelp L.A. Gets Elemental. Dedicated to the elements of life: water, fire, earth, air…and, of course, Yelp!

While the Yelp elite wined and dined on delicious food and drinks, Zen Arts adorned the backdrop with treats of our own.

Supplying one of those elements…air…to perfection that night with our aerial acrobats. As usual, we did not disappoint.

And, although we didn’t have any fire dancers at the event, you can see by checking out the photo on the left, that there was plenty of fire in the air.

As the event progressed, our gorgeous burlesque dancers garnered most of the attention, until our belly dancers wooed everyone away from them. And, just when everyone thought it was over, we let our snake charmer loose.

We laughed, we played, we performed. What else is new?

Oh yeah, we learned that geeks do know how to have fun…especially when Zen Arts is around.

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See video below: