Zen Arts collaborated with Fabulous Events to put on a masquerade birthday party for NBA Star Shaun Livingston. The event was held at a large castle in the Hollywood Hills. The fortress for the event was perched high up on a hill overlooking Los Angeles with a moat and draw bridge.

Zen Arts aerialists and acrobats were strung from trees outside of the castle while the Zen Arts fire dancers, hoopers, and burlesque dancers performed elsewhere on the estate.

There was a live string quartet, models dressed in period attire, red carpet, djs, and plenty of food and drink for the masquerade. Los Angeles has never seen fire dancing and aerial acrobats like this.

Shaun Livingston is a former NBA star and is also the founder of the Shaun Livingston Foundation, an organization dedicated to changing the lives of America’s youth. Shaun and friends enjoyed performances by Zen Arts and décor by event coordinator Kimberly Seeherman.