Supperclub Los Angeles is hot on the Hollywood night scene, having only been open a short while. But in just a brief period of time, it has garnered a reputation for hot and spicy dinner experiences – and we aren’t just talking about the food. From February 8th until March 30th, Supperclub teamed up with the performers from Zen Arts to create a one-of-a-kind take on dinner theater every Friday and Saturday night.

Wanting a risqué show that would entice the senses, Supperclub enlisted Zen Arts to create a sexy dinner exhibition complete with dancers, aerialists, acrobats and state of the art visual effects. In anticipation of the collaboration with Zen Arts, Supperclub spread the word with an eye-catching portrait of one of our Zen Arts ladies on a billboard along Hollywood Boulevard. By the time Zen Arts took the stage for the first time, crowds of patrons were showing up to take in the eye candy while they feasted on four-course meals by Chef Guus Wickenhagen.

Tickets sold quickly to the twice-weekly performances that were popular with Hollywood’s party crowd – including some big name celebrities.Chris Brown relied on Zen Arts to put on a legendary show for his exclusive Grammys after-party at Zen Arts on February 10th, and then he dropped back by with Diddy on Feb 26th to take the stage while Zen Arts performed alongside.

Supperclub is a restaurant-theater-nightclub mishmash located inside the Hollywood Vogue Theater. During the Zen Arts tenure, guests descended on the venue in the evenings to indulge in decadent cocktails until shows and dinner seatings began at 8 p.m. But instead of dining at restaurant tables, patrons lounged on private white beds encompassing the performance area. As each dinner course was served, Zen Arts emerged with exhilarating performances introduced by Billy Francesca – Supperclub’s witty host. Following each performance, guests hung around as famous DJs enticed the audiences to dance and socialize late into the night.