For those of you who are not familiar with Biz Bash, it is THE premier source for corporate event planning and production. This year, Pier 59 Studios in Santa Monica hosted the Biz Bash party for the west coast magazine launch.

Pier 59 teamed up with Zen Arts event entertainment to create a sheik fashionable party that was loaded with the best corporate entertainment in Los Angeles. Zen Arts had a killer team of performers rock Biz Bash’s world!

Zen Arts showcased just what they do best- entertain! Zen created 2 half hour shows that displayed Zen’s versatility. Zen’s Los Angeles aerialists performed an enchanting duet that told a beautiful story. Zen Art’s capoeira dancers and acrobats showcased strength and brought Brazilian culture to the audience’s souls. Zen Art’s tribal belly dancers seduced the crowd, while the Zen Art’s burlesque dancers performed coy classy and sensual routines. From snake charming to clever clowns, Zen Arts puts a new twist to event entertainment in Los Angeles.