Zen Arts, in collaboration with Ed Libby & Company, produced a one-of-a-kind wedding experience this fall! Held at the historic Belasco Theatre in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the theater’s art deco detailing and vast atria complemented and aided in curating this elaborate multi-faceted matrimonial celebration.

Working intimately with the celebrity couple, Zen Arts brought to life the narrative that they wanted to share with their friends and family. Carefully customizing every detail, from costumes to the digital artwork on the LED screens behind each performance, Zen Arts strived to realize each vision as expressed by the soon-to-be weds. Let’s take a peek:

Upon arrival, guests were greeted with cocktails and contortion. An electric violinist provided ambient melodies while sushi was served on a performer painted geisha, decorated only by airbrushed koi fish.  Once satiated by welcome drinks and hors d’oeuvres, wedding guests were invited upstairs to enjoy a feast fit for royalty. The elaborate dinner display flaunted character performers that acted out involved dramas between pig roasts, braised lamb and heirloom vegetables platters. Diana the Huntress, her bow taut, would slightly yet comically intimidate guests as they served themselves from this animated spread.

After dinner, the guests were guided to the mezzanine to share in a theatrical production. Wedding guests stepped into a reimagined scene of the Greek mythological tale of Icarus. In this version Icarus comes back to rescue his grief-stricken lover from the moon – a truly noble act against all odds.

The after party offered a vibrant array of performers, acrobats, character performers and aerialists. An edgy burlesque show was put on by a cast of toxic bunnies while girls on roller skates handed out candy for sweet contrast.

And the icing on top of the cake, quite literally, was the fashion in which the wedding cake was served: by the characters performers, to the guests, on church kneelers!

We saw love, we saw drama, we saw intrigue and redemption. Zen Arts provided a wedding celebration that set the tone for this dynamic lifelong vow!

Photography: www.kevinweinstein.com