Step-and-repeats and signage are so 2010. The future of branding is here and several innovative companies have introduced fresh new high-tech ways to incorporate logos at events. Below we explore three of the most exciting and creative new technologies.

1. Flogos

Alabama-based company Snowmasters has developed a floating logo they’ve coined a Flogo. Flogos are soap-based foam formations that are injected with helium to float up into the sky. Using re-purposed artificial snow machines, computer software, and stencils, the company has devised a way to recreate any logo or design as a floating soapy branding device. Flogos travel on currents of wind and usually can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on weather conditions. They can rise up to thousands of feet before eventually evaporating, and since they are made from a plant-based soap they are no harm to the environment. Flogos are currently made in 12 to 48 inch versions and a Flogo machine can pump them out at a rate of 15 to 50 seconds, depending on the size of the Flogo. Furthermore, Flogos are not a danger to aircrafts, which can simply fly through them unscathed as they would any other clouds.

2. 3D Holograms

Audio-visual companies Media Stage and Dream State have teamed up with Britain’s own Musion Technology to introduce a 3D holographic projector that can be used to display moving and speaking figures, pre-recorded performances, and levitating logos without having to wear 3D glasses (check out this You Tube clip for an example). Using the Musion Eyeliner 3D projection system which incorporates special high-tech cameras, a reflective holographic foil, and the right angles, the company is able to recreate lifelike depictions of real human beings, as well as present floating graphics, logos, and magical simulations. It has even been used to complete a musical performance by half of the Black Eyed Peas (check out the video clip). With technology like this the branding options are limitless.

3. Senseware Water Logo

Although it’s not yet available for mainstream use, we couldn’t help but share this amazing new technology straight from Japan. Hara Design Institute in association with Atelier Omoya and Unitika Ltd. have created a water logo display out of a synthetic fiber called monert. The fiber has been treated with a special coating at the nano-level, making it completely repellent of water. The water seeps through the fabric through strategically placed holes which spell out the name of the expo Senseware, and as the droplets become too heavy they roll down the sloped fabric, only to be replaced by newly formed droplets. A water shower intermittently washes the entire display off, only for the logo to be reformed. People can even interact with the display by touching and blowing the water droplets off themselves. And due to the special friction created by the water and the fabric, the droplets form tails as they roll down the slope. All of this combined with special lighting creates a unimaginable display of futuristic technology combined with the most basic and vital of all of Earth’s elements (check out the You Tube clip here).