Talent, training, and teamwork: The Zen Arts trifecta.



Water performers put a stimulating spin on the arts of music, dance, and acrobatics by embracing the element of water.

Water performers blend music, dance, and acrobatics to put on riveting shows that are utterly magical. At Zen Arts, we can provide synchronized swimmers, bubble sphere performers, and even mermaids! Whether you want to put on an entire water show for your guests or enhance an event with a single water element, you can count on our entertainment company to deliver.

Bubble Spheres

Walking on water never looked so sexy. Bubble sphere performers are trained dancers, acrobats, and contortionists, performing from inside giant floating bubbles, to add originality and ambience to any event.

Synchronized Swimmers

At the meeting place of music, movement, and water, you’ll find Zen Arts synchronized swimming, which incorporates high fashion and fun into synchronized swimming performances by world champion, Olympic-level athletes.


With a magnetism that traces back to ancient folklore, the alluring sirens of Zen Arts offer an innate, subtle sex appeal while inspiring a childlike sense of wonder among guests. Mermaids can make a mystical appearance at parties, or draw attention and support for environmental films or benefit events.
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