Talent, training, and teamwork: The Zen Arts trifecta.

specialty acts


Zen Arts specialty acts bring an air of mystery and extra fun to any event.

Want to host an event like no other? Let Zen Arts provide specialty acts that are sure to excite and inspire. From snake charmers to live muralists, we can supply all kinds of performers that we guarantee you’ve never seen before. As the leading entertainment company in Los Angeles, our specialty acts are infused with creativity and originality. They also happen to be the best in the business because our performers train with some of the most talented professionals in the world.

Cirque Characters

Cirque characters include improv performances and comedy acts, clowns, and other roaming characters, designed to fit within an event or performance theme. In large shows and party settings, a variety of cirque characters helps provide cohesiveness throughout the event or performance.


Zen Arts muralists and live painters not only create masterpieces that can be available for purchase; they create experiences for audiences in the process, adding ambience to an event or as part of an exclusive stage performance.

Pole Performers

Zen Arts pole performers take pole dancing to a new level, incorporating aspects of acrobatics and aerial arts, along with the occasional element of surprise, like a live snake, into the act. Zen Arts pole performance is as much a demonstration of exceptional body strength and agility as it is an art of seduction.

Cyr Wheel

The Cyr wheel is an enlarged, metal hoop apparatus, the spinning and movement of which is manipulated by Zen Arts Cyr wheel masters in this hypnotizing performance style, available as a solo act, duo, or full-stage routine.

Snake Charmers

Bringing modern updates to this mesmerizing ancient act, Zen Arts snake charmer performances are not for the skittish. Snake charmers can bring a serpentine sidekick into a variety of acts, including dance routines, aerial performances, acrobatics, and more.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a completely original Zen Arts act, featuring an alchemical mixologist, whose interactive performance takes guests through a series of tastings and cleansing exercises with homemade, shakra-oriented elixirs and alcohol infusions.


Walking is just the start for Zen Arts stilt walkers, who you can expect to see jump, dance, and incorporate fire and other props into each amusing performance.


Professional slacklining? Juggling? Sword swallowing? Hula hooping? Chair stacking? The list is endless. If you have a specialty cirque act in mind, Zen Arts probably offers it, along with a dozen more you’ve never heard of. Get in touch for more information.
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