Talent, training, and teamwork: The Zen Arts trifecta.



There’s no question that Zen Arts dancers are the most beautiful in the business, but even that beauty and undeniable sex appeal pales in comparison to their skill.

At Zen Arts, we recruit our dancers from around the world. By collaborating with only the best performers on the global stage, we’re able to wow our clients—and their guests—at every turn. As a premier entertainment company, we know our reputation hinges on the caliber of talent that we supply, so you can be sure our dancers always deliver. Not only are they the most beautiful in the business, but they’re also the most skilled. Their undeniable sex appeal pales in comparison to their breathtaking choreography. Trained in a variety of styles and techniques, our dancers are guaranteed to elevate your next event.

Burlesque Dancers

Zen Arts burlesque dancers take pride in their sexuality, but also in command of their craft, providing sophisticated, stimulating entertainment while reclaiming burlesque dance as an empowering art.

Group Ensembles

Zen Arts dancers are trained by the best choreographers in the business, in an array of dance styles and dynamic routines, including ballet, tap, modern, breakdancing, hip hop, ragtime, jazz, and more. From pairs to large group ensembles; as backup dancers or the main act; at parties, festivals, and other performances; and with the option to add water, fire, or flight, Zen Arts special dancers and group ensembles deliver the wow factor to any event.

Go-Go Dancers

Merging sex appeal, classical dance training, and high fashion-infused attire, Zen Arts go-go dancers have performed in some of the world’s most popular nightclubs, bringing energy and excitement to every performance.

Belly Dancers

Zen Arts belly dancers complement mastery of this ancient art form with modern dance, stunning fashions, and acrobatic influences, often utilizing props or pairing with fire performance to add an exotic sensuality to any event.
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