Talent, training, and teamwork: The Zen Arts trifecta.



Zen Arts acrobatic performances include tightrope walking, stilt walking, contortionism, pole dancing, hooping, trampoline acts, capoeira and more.

Since we want to maintain our reputation as the best entertainment company in LA, you can be sure our own acrobats are some of the most talented performers in the world. From tightrope walking to contortionism, their performances are a spectacular way to surprise your guests. Marvel at their strength, balance, and agility alongside your guests while giving everyone a show to talk about for weeks to come.


Zen Arts contortionists push the boundaries of ordinary entertainment, by pushing, folding, or stretching past the boundaries of human body flexibility. Each Zen Arts professional contortionist brings their own unique combination of shocking, sexy, or humorous body distortion to every performance.


Elements of dance and acrobatics come together in the energetic style of dance “fighting” known as capoeira. Zen Arts capoeira dancers are revered for their speed, strength, and complex, captivating performances.

Trampoline Wall

Zen Arts trampoline acts are much more than the traditional trampoline front-flips you might remember from your childhood. Trampoline wall performances are choreographed, rehearsed, and set to music, to present an entirely original and riveting display of acrobatics.

Acro Balance Duo

Unlike many other acrobatic performances, Zen Arts acro balance duo is a distinctive, choreographed combination of acrobatics and dance where the only prop is another person. Audiences are spellbound while performers strut, swing, and support each other’s bodies across the stage.
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