Talent, training, and teamwork: The Zen Arts trifecta.



Zen Arts aerialists push the boundaries of physical limitation and motion, consistently leaving audiences in awe.

You may have seen aerialists perform at other events, but we guarantee you’ve never seen a show that’s anything like the ones produced by Zen Arts. The aerialists who work for our entertainment company are the best of the best, and they push the very limits of physics when they perform. During an aerial production, anything can happen overhead, from dancing to dueling. Tell us how you want to mesmerize your guests, and we promise our aerialists will leave them spellbound. Whether your vision includes a single performer spinning among rippling folds of silk or a half-dozen acrobats intertwined with hoops, straps, or each other, we’ll bring it to life.


Anything can happen overhead, including aerial dancing, dueling, and even musical performances, all at high speeds and high altitudes.
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